Chart of accuracy in 0.8.6 compared to 0.8.5

Download the game. A brand new Swedish Ground tech tree with over thirty vehicles, other nations have received over twenty new machines including: the legendary AH Apache and Ka helicopters, the stunning Lightning F. Two new locations inspired by Scandinavian landscapes, new onboard aviation systems, upgrades for the graphical engine, and that’s not all! We have managed to add new game improvements and fix countless bugs, many of them reported by you – our fantastic players! All of this awaits you in the new major update “Viking Fury”! We are proud to launch brand new ground forces tech tree – Swedish Ground Forces. Do not miss the details on how to participate in CBT! All the described mechanics are being implemented for those vehicles which they were actually used in real life by taking into account the peculiarities of each particular system. We want to thank you for correctly creating bug reports! Below you will find some of the bug fixes that were possible with your help.

War Thunder “Viking Fury” – Changelog

Nothing changed, that’s why there is no second part well, aside of A33 premium MM Best regards, Vallter. The A33 was on the previously published MM chart, so nothing’s changed then. If they must line up, instead of a three Battle Tier spread, they should make SPGs line up in the top two tiers of tanks in their tiers. Arty has better MM than Lights of the same tier.

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World of tanks matchmaking chart 8.6. Cheesy dating site headline

This year, the shenanigans have taken on peculiar forms from quirky flash games, social apps, in-game weirdness and revolutionary enhancements. No one knows how the apocalypse started: Viral outbreak? Magical powers?

The matchmaker takes tanks from queue, which can participate in tier 8 battles (​see column number 8 in the table) and puts them in 2 teams. In our battle we can​.

SolidBeer 9 Posted Jun 26 – Tier 6 scouts are supposed to get into tier 10 matches. Premium Shells Many tanks are getting premium shell reworks which sees both penetration go down and the price to go up. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I think WG should make arties relocate more often, buff their mobility so they can relocate more often, nerf the alpha and keep the rof decent BTW the durp gun finally get what it deserved.

On this page we always use Arabic numerals “7” when discussing battle tiers and Roman numerals “VII” when discussing tank tiers. Team balancing within a battle tier takes place according to vehicle specific weighting and additional restrictions. Battles can take place in ten different battle tiers.

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The tier of your vehicle is the only factor used when determining which vehicles it is possible for you to be matched against. Each tier of tank has a spread of possible tiers that they are able to be matched against relative to their own tier as follows:. A small number of Premium tanks and researchable tanks have a reduced upper Battle Tier spread.

Three templates are used by the matchmaker to create games.

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One of the biggest mysteries in World of Tanks aside from why you can’t play as the red team is how the matchmaker sorts through players and creates teams. Well, you’re about to get the crash course you always wanted. The matchmaker finds a team for players who enter the Random Battle queue. In doing so, several requirements must be met: teams should be similar in class and tier, yet differ in ways so that the strategy of the battle varies. Another important factor is keeping the queue wait time as small as possible.

When creating a battle, the matchmaker first looks to place eligible large Platoons players , followed by artillery and then light tanks with scout matchmaking. After this criterion is met, other players are selected to fill the remaining positions, keeping the team’s weight balanced as closely as possible. If the matchmaker struggles to meet the requirements for an eligible match, it eases up on the rules to avoid players spending too much time in the queue.

However, the matchmaker never breaks the minimum balance requirements. If the matchmaker still can’t find a good battle after about five minutes, players get kicked back to the Garage.

Wargaming April Fools’ Day Round Up

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This is probably because high tier tanks see a far smaller hp variance than lower tiers. This is probably because the bottom of the graph is heavily populated I threw together some terrible noob javascript for an experimental WoT stats The root is pre arty games + aditional nerfs to both hummel and.

Agree here. The thing is that the switch should have been done long time ago. Totally agree that the dash two needed to go but they could have done it in a way that didn’t screw over those who had earned it. The mt is a completely different tank for a completely different kind of player. If I wanted a German light tank, I would have ground the German light line. I want my time xp and credits back. I entirely agree with Yarcod. The two tanks are so different they are not even comparable. It is of course one of the smallest patches ever, but it has some positive influence.

New map is very nice and great for my playstyle. Best new map in long, long time. Lot of fun there.

Halo 3 matchmaking shut down

Jump to content. Thanks for adding all the Premium tanks with no preferential matchmaker. This is ridiculous.

Players with preferential Premium vehicles play most their battles against vehicles one tier higher, in the template and are rarely getting.

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1 Base Capture; 2 Battle Communication System; 3 Matchmaking; 4 Tank Stats You have advanced in World of Tanks and bought a shiny new AMX 50B. For example, in the diagram above we have a nominal armour thickness of mm and As of , HEAT shells will start to ricochet if the impact angle equals or is.

Many new players are in for a rude shock when they first stumble upon a dedicated scout vehicle around tier IV, suddenly having to face enemies four tiers higer. With the recent spg rebalancing in version 8. But this left the scouts in an even more unhappy situation. Now the scout players where the only ones left with the large tier spread that scared new recruits off. But good scouts tanks and players are often the difference between win and loss — they are needed.

So I think its time to give the light tanks some love, especially the light tanks in the scouts role, since there is no official scout class. As a starting example i chose the american tree. The goal is to fill the tree up to tier X while changing the existing vehicles as little as possible. Keeping the existing light tanks, disregarding the premiums, this would require three new vehicles. The following chart shows the new arrangement, with yellow blocks indicating the new and blue the old matchmaking spread with green the overlapping i.

The first significant change is the tier swap between M24 Chaffee and T21, but since the latter is generally considered inferior it would be the obvious choice to relegate T21 to tier V. A reduction in hit points and maybe removing the top gun would be in order for balancing, but with the much more favourable matchmaking, this would still be a boost for the vehicle.

Get Ready to Try Out the New Matchmaker

Tier 8 tanks with preferential matchmaking Video embeddedthis is, again like the a33 excelsior and get the smallestmost compact. Tankers will expose the newest info: g; matchmaking up. Thanks guys – posted in british tier, as well, it well, making tier 7 battles v excelsior like the ongoing conversation. Premium matchmaking tank description: preferential matchmaking chart on

Organizational Chart. 7 world. This improves the quality of life for all American people and percent in passenger vehicles and by percent in large trucks in FY crashes/rollovers of cargo tank motor vehicles (down from 40 percent in matchmaking feature within our webbased reporting system that.

This is a WN9 candidate based on an idea of bjshnog’s from a few months back, shortly before I quit forums to finish another project. WG are still ignoring requests to add assisted damage to the API, so it’s not ideal, but I think it’s still a sufficient improvement to be worth posting. The general idea is that instead of using a full set of expected values for each tank, you have a single set per matchmaking type, or in a simplified version, per tier.

Per-tank adjustment is only added at the last stage. The principle for what it’s worth is that the value of a point of damage, frag or spot towards winning the game is the same regardless of which tank you’re driving. The practical differences are small for most tanks, but there are significant effects on the two problem classes: Scouts and arty.

For scouts, spots are naturally better rewarded, while damage-padding is less rewarded. For arty, the big random chunk of WN8 provided by spots vanishes. Improvements from other WN9 candidates were also included: True-recent expected values, per-tank skill-scaling and a linearised formula.

T8 Matchmaking is Broken in World of Tanks